Zwitt's Car Wrecking
Victim No. 1 : The Mazda 808
This was the first poor victim. Geeez I loved this car. My baby, it was. She went like the wind, till I discovered later that you actually have to put oil in cars. Well, nobody told me that! She recovered from that, of course, but somehow was never quite the same after I ran into the pole at 120km....see attached before and after pic :)
Victim No. 2 : The Triumph TR7
Ahhhh....this is my true love though, always wanted one of these, so one day I just went out and bought one....never realising that a service every once in a while is good for an old car :)'s been sitting in my driveway waiting for me to repair it for 2 years now. Decided that was too difficult tho, so I just went out and bought a new one.
Victim To Be : The Toyota Camry
Well I haven't had this one long enough yet to do too much damage to it...but there is still time, who knows, I may have to update this pic soon hehehe
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